Women's Slippers with Arch Support

Looking for a more supportive slipper that can provide arch support, heel support, or more structured support when worn outside? Then our Laura Clog Mule slipper is the perfect shoe-slipper hybrid style for you.

This unique slipper has been designed to combine home and outdoor living, and to support your feet with the daily stresses that come with being on your feet all day.

Women’s Arch Support Slippers

We understand how important it is to have slippers that not only look great, but feel great too. Our women’s Laura Clog Mule Slippers all have a cushioning contoured footbed and molded rubber sole that support the arch of your foot. The cushioning sole is slightly raised from the heel to the toe giving you arch support and heel support, as well as all day comfort when you’re on your feet all day. 

You can see from the side profile of our Laura slipper that the molded sole is arched to provide firm support for the arch of your foot.

 Slippers with arch support


Slippers you can wear outside

Looking for a women’s slipper you can wear outside easily? Shu Da’s Laura clog mule slipper has been designed to be a slipper-shoe hybrid. This means it has the structure and support of a shoe, but has been made with the tactile textiles of a slipper.

The durable rubber sole of the Laura clog slipper is lightweight, yet hardwearing, so it will still feel light on your foot but will also weather the outside elements. The molded sole is thick so you will have support underfoot without feeling all the bumps and rough textures of outdoor surfaces.


Women's Slippers with Arch Support

The felt upper of the slipper is lightweight and breathable, making the slipper easy to walk in, and the mule slipper design makes the slippers easy to slip on and off between the home and outdoors.

 Slippers you can wear without socks

Shu Da have designed the Laura clog mule slipper to have a super-soft and cushioning lining, making the slipper perfect to wear without socks. The recycled faux fur lining of the slipper is breathable and will keep your feet warm without socks, however, paired with the lightweight felt upper, this slipper can be worn without socks and won’t make your feet sweat! The memory foam footbed of the Laura clog slipper can also be removed to clean if needed.

 Available in multiple colours

The Women’s Clog Slipper is available in two gorgeous colours:

Women’s Grey Slipper

Women's Grey Slippers


Women’s Pink Slipper

Women's Pink Slippers