Women's Slippers with Backs

Our closed-back Isobel slippers are perfect if you are looking for sturdy women’s slippers for everyday wear.  The closed-back slipper style means the slipper will stay securely on your foot and will provide more structured support for your feet. The upper part of the slipper also sits comfortably over the top of the foot.

Shu Da’s Isobel slippers come in a variety of luxurious fabrics and sizes depending on the type of style you are after.

 Women’s Faux Fur Slippers

Shu Da’s Isobel Pink and Cream slipper is made out of recycled faux fur and has a recycled faux fur upper and lining. This is a great style for a special occasion or if you want to bring a bit of luxury to an indoor outfit. The light colours are also perfect for a Spring Summer look.

Women's closed-back slippers

Women’s Closed-Back Slippers with Outdoor Soles

Shu Da design their closed-back slippers to be worn both indoors and outdoors. All our closed-back slippers are made with durable, hardwearing soles for outdoor wear. Our slipper soles are designed to be anti-skid and can be easily wiped clean after being worn outside. The injection technology used to create your slipper soles means they won’t wear over time, and will give you structured support underfoot whether you are inside or outside.

Women's slippers with outdoor soles