Our Sustainability Mission

It's not easy to produce beautiful footwear without it creating a negative impact on the environment, and it’s definitely not easy to create sustainable footwear that is accessible and affordable for customers. However, Shu Da realise that now is the time for change.

We are driven by the importance of making sustainable footwear accessible and affordable for customers, without compromising on quality and comfort. Only then will it be easier for customers to have the choice to shop greener. At Shu Da, we are determined to pursue a program of carbon footprint reduction and recycling which IS market leading in our sector.

As a company, we have had many years of experience in supplying indoor footwear to large high street retailers. We fully understand the market, and we understand what our customers look for in beautiful, comfortable footwear. We believe that we can create and produce the best footwear on the market at a reasonable price, and with the additional sustainable focus that is currently lacking from mainstream retailers.

We aim to be transparent and honest in our initiatives, so you can make informed decisions about your purchasing. Our sustainable journey started in 2019 and continues year on year, investing in new sustainable technologies for our products and supply chain, to improve each collection we make, making it more sustainable than the last.

Read more about our initiatives below.