The Environment

It is not easy to produce beautiful fashion products without a negative impact on the environment but we are determined to pursue a programme of carbon foot print reduction and recycling which IS market leading in our sector. 

As footwear experts with many years' experience in supplying indoor slippers to the mass market, we believe that we can create and produce the best slippers on the market at a reasonable price and with the sustainable focus that is currently lacking from mainstream retailers.

Our Mission

Our industry knowledge allows us to utilise market leading suppliers of sustainable components and fabrics, but these components are still challenging to source and we are continuing to push manufacturers to produce more accessible and affordable sustainable components. 

Our ambition is that all of our Shu Da slipper components will be 100% recycled, organic or biodegradable by the end of 2022.

We have set ourselves a tough challenge since we are a fashion brand using different fabric and component types but we are targeting as many areas of concern as we can:

sustainable fashion

Recycled Polyester Fabrics

Organic Cotton

Use of GOTS certified organic cotton for our drawstring bags and any cotton components we use.


Any plastic type components including bags, hangers or shoe sticks will be made using biodegradable corn starch based materials. These will degrade within 6 months when composted with no harmful residues.

All these components carry the ‘Compostable’ name and logo.

In Addition

We will use the most environmentally friendly shipping lines.

Stocks will be held in regional hubs to improve the efficiency of local distribution and individual online sales. This also reduces the carbon footprint of each product.

All our products are made in properly audited factories to ensure workers are treated fairly according to International standards for wages, working hours, working conditions etc.

All materials and components are tested to ensure they pass the Chemical standards required for the EU. (REACH)

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