Women's Open-Toed Slippers and Slider Slippers

Women’s Slippers for Sweaty Feet

Suffer from hot feet and looking for a women’s slipper that is breathable and stops your feet from getting sweaty? Then our SHU DA women’s open-toed slippers are the answer! Open-toed slippers and sliders are the perfect slippers for sweaty feet as they allow air to get to your feet and do not enclose the foot as much as a mule slipper or closed-back slipper would. The great thing about our SHU DA slider and open-toed slippers is that you still get all the coziness of a slipper, with the super-soft recycled faux fur linings which are tactile and warm against your foot, however the open-toed style is still lightweight and breathable to prevent your feet from over-heating…. the result? cozy cool feet!!

Women's Sliders

Women's Slippers for Summer

Do you struggle to find a cooler, trendy slipper to wear in the warmer months? SHU DA's women's Katie slider slipper in Oat is a great choice if you are want an open-toed slipper that will keep your feet feeling cool and comfortable.  Easy to transition between indoor and outdoor wear, you can easily wear these slider slippers to the shop or the park without people realizing you are wearing a slipper! The trend-led design will go with any summer outfit. The durable, hardwearing sole will keep your feet feeling supported underfoot, and is made to last.

Women's Slippers for Summer