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Working in a West Yorkshire Mill making indoor slippers for Marks and Spencer in the 1980’s was a tough but memorable introduction to the world of work. In those days the mill employed over 1,000 local people and was typical of many similar mills and factories operating all over the UK.

Since then I have supplied many millions of pairs of slippers to the UK market from various countries around the world and it is likely many people reading this will have worn slippers designed and supplied through me at one time or other!

Over all these years, I would say that I have rarely seen a slipper that combines all the attributes that a slipper should have at what would be a considered a reasonable price.

So in the end, together with my UK team and partner factory, we decided to design, produce and market a range of our own slippers. These are beautiful and stylish but with an emphasis on fit, comfort, quality and sustainability.

We have called our brand Shu Da which means “to achieve Comfort”. We hope everyone wearing our slippers will agree with that sentiment.

Lawrence Warren – founder

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