Men's Slider Slippers

Open-toe slippers or ‘slider slippers’ are a great summer slipper choice if you are looking to wear something a little cooler in the warmer months, or if you just get warm feet! Open-toe slippers still allow you to have the comfort and aesthetic of a slipper, with all the practicalities and style of a sandal or slider. SHU DA have two staple slider styles to choose from, the Tom and the Josh.

Men’s Fur Slider Slippers

SHUDA’s two slider slippers both have a 100% recycled faux fur lining, keeping your feet feeling soft and cushioned underfoot. The faux fur linings are super soft, giving the slippers a tactile and luxurious feel to your feet.

Men's Fur Slider Slippers

Men’s Canva Sliders

Both of SHUDA’s slider slippers feature a stylish canvas upper, that is lightweight and breathable. The practicalities of canvas material is that it is also very durable, so will be long lasting and suitable to wear the slider slippers outside. The canvas material can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth to keep the slider slippers looking like new.

Men's Slider Slippers in Charcoal

Men’s Slippers for Summer

Looking for slippers that will keep your feet cool? Or just looking for a men’s slipper to wear in the summer? SHU DA’s range of men’s slider slippers will keep your feet happy and cool in the hotter months. With the open-toe design to keep your feet feeling airy, the canvas textile upper is also lightweight and breathable for all-round comfort. These men’s open-toe slippers can be worn outdoors on sunny days as the slippers have a durable, hardwearing sole. The canvas upper is also easy to sponge clean.

Men's Slider Slippers