Men's Mule Slippers

Men’s mule slippers are a staple slipper design, and at SHU DA our men’s Hamish mule slipper is a firm favourite with our customers. Designed for classic simplicity, our mule slippers are designed to be flexible, whether you are looking for an everyday slipper to wear around the house, a slipper to wear outside in the garden, or a slipper to keep for a special occasion.


Men’s Slippers with Arch Support

If you are looking for a mule slipper with a bit more support for the arch of your foot then the Max Sports mule slipper is for you. The Max has a moulded sole which provides structured support for your foot and feels more like a shoe than a slipper! The memory foam mid sole is high density giving your foot a cushioning feel underfoot. Most importantly the recycled faux fur lining keeps your feet feeling warm and cosy in the colder months!

Men's Max mule slipper with arch support


Men’s Slippers with Outdoor Soles

Our Hamish mule slippers have been designed for home and outdoor living, meaning you can comfortably wear your mules outside without worrying that you are going to ruin them. Our men’s mule slippers are made using an injection sole method, meaning they are extremely durable (like a shoe sole) so can stand hardwearing surfaces and are supportive underfoot. The slippers soles can be wiped clean easily to transition back indoors with and the outdoor soles are anti-skid, perfect for outdoor wear!

Men's mule slippers that can be worn outside


Men’s Slippers that Slip-on Easily

If you have wide feet or swollen feet then one of the best features about the Hamish mule slipper is that it can be slipped on and off the foot easily. The open-back design means this men’s slipper won’t be a struggle to put on and can be removed easily without bother. The open-back mule style also keeps the foot feeling cooler than some full-back slipper styles.

Men's Charcoal Mule Slippers

Men's Mule Slippers