Men's Boot Slippers

Starting to get winter ready? The weather is getting colder and you’re looking to invest in a slipper that ticks all the boxes: Comfortable. Stylish. High Quality. Sustainable. Affordable. Our range of Jasper men’s boot slippers are the perfect choice if you are looking for a structured slipper which is warm and comfortable, and that will see you through the winter months and beyond.


Men’s Winter Slippers for Home

SHU DA’s Jasper men’s boot slippers are perfect for those winter days at home. Whether you are working from home, or just having cosy days on the sofa, you need a slipper that is guaranteed to keep your feet warm through it all. All of our men’s boot slippers are lined with 100% recycled faux fur, keeping your feet warm and toasty. Available in a range of colours and fabrics, our boot slipper design is smart and will fit in with both a casual or more dressed up outfit. Our new Jasper Charcoal slipper, with its herringbone upper design, has a sophisticated aesthetic, with a contrasting dark charcoal canvas counter.

Men's Charcoal Slipper Boots


 Men’s Slipper Boots with a Hard Sole

SHU DA’s men’s slipper boots have a hardwearing, durable sole which is great for indoor and outdoor wear. Designed to be worn outside, as well as inside, our slipper boots can be conveniently worn outside to take out the bins or pop out to the shed. The slipper soles can be easily wiped down with a cloth to then be worn inside. The hard sole mean’s the slipper boots are supportive underfoot and are designed with a high-density memory foam footbed so are shock absorbent and will make the slippers comfortable enough to be worn all day.

Men's Boot Slippers