Men's Slippers with Arch Support

Men’s slippers that look like shoes

Shu Da’s Max Mule Slipper is a great choice if you are looking to find a slipper that looks like a shoe. We describe the Max slipper as a shoe-slipper hybrid. This men’s slipper has a solid, molded footbed with a hard sole, resembling the look of a shoe. The canvas upper material, used to make the top of this men’s slipper is durable and hardwearing, similar also to a shoe. This slipper is a good choice if you are looking for a versatile slipper that can be worn comfortably inside but can also transition easily to outside wear.


Men's slipper with arch support

Men’s slippers with arch support

We understand the importance of finding a slipper that not only looks good but is comfortable too. If you are standing on your feet all day, or have a high foot arch, and need a slipper with arch support, our team would recommend you choose the Max slipper. The molded footbed, made with EVA (to make you feel like you are walking on clouds) has a raised heel as well as a supportive arch, to keep your feet feeling supported and comfortable.

Men's mule slippers with arch support


Men’s mule slippers with hard soles

Do you struggle to find a slipper that you can wear outside, and that has a thick enough sole that is supportive underfoot? The men’s Max mule slipper is designed with a hardwearing, durable sole which resembles a shoe sole. This is so you can easily transition from indoor to outdoor wear with your slippers, without worrying you are going to break or wear through the sole which happens more commonly with fabric-based slipper soles.

Men's slippers with hard soles