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Shu Da celebrates World Environment Day

There is no denying that climate change awareness is at an all-time high. The world has never been more conscious of the work that needs to be done to combat climate change, and how quickly these changes need to be made. In the products we buy, the lifestyles we lead and the TV shows we watch, we are becoming more educated and considered in the choices we make to support our planet.

Today, we celebrate World Environment Day. An event which highlights the importance of protecting the environment and how, if we all work together we can make a big change.

Originating nearly 50 years ago back in 1974, the day has now grown into a global platform, raising awareness and taking action on urgent global warming issues from marine pollution, consumption habits and wildlife conservation.

Hosted on the 5th June each year by a different country, this year’s 2021 event is hosted in Pakistan. Every year has a different theme; 2021 being Ecosystem Restoration, with the goal to highlight the urgent work needed to revive our planet’s ecosystems. If you want to learn more visit the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration page.

Inspiring Projects From Around the World

The yearly event offers a great opportunity to not only raise awareness of current climate issues, but to shine a light on the amazing work organizations around the world are doing to implement ambitious projects; continuing the fight against climate change.

The Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Project is one of these projects. Commissioned by the government of Pakistan, the Green Pakistan project has an ambitious goal to plant 10 billion trees in Pakistan by 2023. The program launched in 2019 and has recently just planted it’s billionth tree. The project’s aim is to protect Pakistan’s wetlands and restore wildlife back to areas of Pakistan that have suffered as a result of global warming. The project has already created many green job opportunities and hopes to inspire community engagement and eco-tourism.

Hearing inspiring stories like this one highlights the important work World Environment Day promotes, and is a great opportunity for us all to do something positive for the environment.

Sustainability at Shu Da

As a sustainably conscious brand, Shu Da is working hard to make its products as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible for its customers. This is considered through all elements of the supply chain including materials, packaging and the transportation used in the production of Shu Da slippers.

The recycled polyester used in Shu Da’s products is sourced from waste fabrics and plastic bottles, and the recycled polyester fur used in Shu Da slippers is GRS accredited, giving customers confidence that the components have been tracked from the source, and are a product of recycled materials. Read more about Shu Da’s mission towards sustainability here.

There is always more to be done in research and development to achieve the goal of making all Shu Da’s products 100% recycled, organic or biodegradable, but the team are up for the challenge! We continue to work to evolve our footwear range, each time developing an even more sustainable product than the last.



World Environment Day

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Photo by Waren Brasse on Unsplash

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