The BEST Women’s Trainers For The Gym

The BEST Women’s Trainers For The Gym

“The Shu Da trainers are very comfortable and the soles are soft but with slightly more support than my All Birds.” – Ethical fitness influencer, Miss. Brocklehurst.

Without a doubt, comfortable trainers are an essential part of your gym kit. If you’re looking for a supportive pair of breathable gym trainers, you have come to the right place! It can prove difficult finding the perfect pair of trainers with plenty of support and grip, that is why we have selected the best vegan trainers for you, with two of the best trainer styles that will help enhance your gym performance, provide comfort and prevent injury during exercise…

The Jessica Trainers

As worn and recommended by Women’s Running, the Jessica trainers are a favourite for fitness fanatics who favour breathable comfort and added bounce. These are the best trainers for the gym as they offer stability during workouts, thanks to the gripped, non-slip sole and modern design. Complete with a lace up fastening, your feet will feel secure and fully supported.

Miss Brocklehurst wearing the Jessica trainers in Dusty Pink.

These gym trainers are super breathable with a mesh knit upper, keeping your feet cool and comfortable during your workout. The fly knit upper is flexible and lightweight, expertly crafted using recycled discarded water bottles so you can make a sustainably conscious trainer choice. The premium high-quality materials used are all vegan and cruelty-free to guarantee longevity and comfort.

The Jessica trainer is a fantastic all round performer, featuring an EVA midsole with shock-absorbing technology to take the impact when you work out. The EVA is super lightweight with rubber-like qualities to offer added bounce and unbeatable comfort to take your gym session to the next level.

The Olivia Trainers

Prefer slip-on trainers that are easy to wear and feel lightweight on your feet? The Olivia trainers are for you! Ideal for the gym, these recycled trainers come without laces for your convenience, mind you, despite being lace-less, these gym trainers are equally as well-fitting and supportive on your feet as lace-ups thanks to their well-structured silhouette.

Reap the benefits of lightweight slip on footwear with a style that is easy to slip on and off. You will soon discover that this versatile pair are ideal to work out in but they provide so much comfort that you’ll want to use them for everyday wear and running errands too! The recycled EVA sole makes these a must-have for cardio and gym classes, with plenty of bounce and support to help avoid foot strains as you jump and run.

The Olivia trainers are a pair you will want to wear on repeat, with their soft molded footbed that contours to the shape of your foot for ultimate comfort. The under-foot benefits combined with the sleek, slip-on style make this gym trainer a true a masterpiece of comfort and practicality!

Both the Jessica and Olivia trainers are available in three colours, pink, black and grey, so there is something to suit everyone’s style! Whether you are a runner seeking supportive footwear or simply want some extra comfort during your summer strolls, make sure to check out these sustainable trainers at an affordable price.

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