What Are Sustainable Materials For Shoes?

What Are Sustainable Materials For Shoes?

Sustainable materials for shoes are important for two reasons. First, they help reduce the environmental impact of the shoe industry. Second, they can improve the durability of shoes and make them more comfortable to wear. 

Shu Da Living creates natural, comfortable and stylish slippers for women and men, alongside other products made from sustainable materials.

When it comes to shopping for shoes, more and more people are looking for sustainable options. But what exactly are sustainable materials for shoes? Here are a couples of examples: 

Recycled Plastic

One sustainable material for shoes is recycled plastic. Recycled plastic shoes are made from, you guessed it, recycled plastic! This means that instead of going to the landfill, used plastic is given new life as a stylish and eco-friendly shoe. 

When it comes to being eco-friendly, few materials are as versatile and effective as recycled plastic. And when it comes to fashioning this durable material into all sorts of stylish shoes, even fewer materials can compete. Here are just a few of the many benefits that come with wearing recycled plastic shoes:

  1. They’re Incredibly Durable: One of the biggest benefits of recycled plastic shoes is that they’re incredibly tough and long-lasting. Whether you’re wearing them for a night out on the town or for a day spent hiking through the woods, these shoes can take a beating and keep on going.
  1. They’re Eco-Friendly: As their name suggests, recycled plastic shoes are made from recycled materials, which means they have a much smaller environmental impact than traditional footwear options.

three styles of trainers made from recycled plastic


Did you know that your shoes could be made out of algae? Algae blooms are often considered a nuisance, but they may have a bright future as shoe soles.

Algae blooms are caused by an overgrowth of algae in an aquatic environment. They can deplete the oxygen in the water, harming fish and other aquatic creatures. But algae bloom soles for shoes could help to reduce our reliance on petroleum-based materials.

Algae bloom soles are durable and flexible, while also being environmentally friendly. They are also biodegradable, so you won't have to feel guilty about throwing them away when you're done with them.

So next time you see an algae bloom, don't think of it as a nuisance. Think of it as the future of footwear!

We Love Using Sustainable Materials

Shu Da believes that using sustainable materials in our shoes is crucial in taking steps towards us making thoughtful choices for the Earth.

However, we don’t think that using sustainable materials should mean missing out on footwear that looks and feels amazing.

We have a range of shoes that are designed to fit into your lifestyle, from slippers for men, to slippers for women as well.

If you would like to reach out, we are always happy to help.

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