Unexpected Materials Our Shoes Are Created From

Unexpected Materials Our Shoes Are Created From

With a focus on sustainable, ethical sourcing and production of our shoes, we are advocates for the use of unexpected materials in footwear construction. By using these innovative materials, Shu Da Living has created a shoe range with improved performance, comfort, and durability. This article will explore some of the unexpected materials we use to create our shoes and how these materials benefit customers.


This eco-friendly alternative is not only helping to reduce the environmental impact of traditional manufacturing processes, but it can also provide some interesting and unique benefits for footwear.

Algae has been used as a material due to its lightweight, flexibility and ability to absorb moisture, making it ideal for use in soles of sustainable shoes. Algae foam can be produced using natural elements such as sugarcane and other plant-based sources which are then combined with carbon dioxide or water and processed into a foam like material. This foam is then used as an alternative to rubber and other petroleum based materials which are typically used in the production of shoe soles. The result is a lightweight sole which provides cushioning and flexibility while also being able to absorb moisture away from the foot.

Recycled Felt

For those looking to make a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion statement, recycled felt may be the material of choice. Recycled felt is made from fibers that have been repurposed from used clothing and other materials, making it an excellent option for reducing waste while still creating stylish footwear designs.

Fashion designers have increasingly embraced this trend by incorporating recycled felt into their shoe designs. This versatile material can be used for everything from flats to sneakers to boots. Not only does it add a unique texture to the design, but it's durable nature also makes it ideal for everyday wear. 

Recycled Rubber

In terms of sustainable shoes, using recycled rubber is a great way to reduce waste and create an eco-friendly product. In addition, recycled rubber has superior durability and flexibility when compared with other materials like leather or plastic. This makes it ideal for use in shoes that are designed for long-term wear. 

Recycled rubber also has unique properties that make it comfortable and breathable on the feet, allowing them to stay cool even during extended periods of activity or long walks outdoors. This can be especially beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin or those who spend a lot of time on their feet throughout their day.

Shu Da Living - Makers Of Sustainable Shoes

Through the use of sustainable, recyclable materials, our shoes can be made with less environmental impact. The new materials used in shoes also offer the wearer greater comfort and improved performance. It is clear that there are numerous advantages to be gained by embracing innovative materials in footwear design. 

The fashion industry has already begun to take advantage of these new materials, but there is still much potential to be explored.

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