The Rise Of Sugarcane - How Sugarcane Is Becoming The New Rubber Sole

The Rise Of Sugarcane - How Sugarcane Is Becoming The New Rubber Sole

I don’t know about you, but when I think sugar I immediately think cakes, chocolate and sweet treats! My mind definitely doesn’t go to shoes. However, thanks to new sustainable technologies that have emerged over the last few years, we are now starting to see a new trend hitting the high street….sugar in our shoe soles! Well, sugarcane to be exact. The Shu Da team look at the benefits of sugarcane in footwear and how this growing trend is turning into the new rubber sole…

What is a sugarcane sole?

To put it simply, a sugarcane sole is a shoe sole constructed out of sugarcane rather than rubber! Sounds simple? Well, not quite. The sugar has to go through a lengthy process which involves extracting the parts of the sugarcane that can be used for the sole production.

Why is sugarcane being used in footwear?

Sugarcane is a natural material and is bio-degradable, making the product more eco-friendly on the environment and a better alternative to plastic shoe soles.

Can sugarcane be used in clothing as well as footwear?

Short answer is yes! Due to the high fiber content in sugarcane, it is becoming a more popular choice for clothing alongside bamboo as a natural material.

Sugarcane Facts

  • Grown across the globe and native to tropical regions of South Asia, Southeast Asia and South America sugarcane is actually a giant grass, that stores sugar in its stalk.
  • Sugarcane stalks can grow to 2 to 6 metres high and are up to 5cms in diameter!
  • 75% of the world’s sugar comes from sugarcane!
  • There are 36 different species of sugarcane.
  • The largest producer of sugarcane is Brazil, and sugarcane is the world’s largest grown crop.

 sugarcane shoes


SHUDA are working on their first sustainable sugarcane trainer! Launching in 2023, SHUDA have designed a limited edition range of Women’s Sports Trainers with recycled flyknit knit upper and sugarcane soles as an addition to their already existing Oliva and Jessica flyknit range, to be available in khaki and white. Sign up to our Newsletter to keep up-to-date with the launch, or register your interest at

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