Meet the Team: A day in the life of a Shu Da Marketing Assistant

Meet the Team: A day in the life of a Shu Da Marketing Assistant

Happy Friday everyone! This week we delve into all things slippers with the Shu Da marketing team. We caught up with Jess, our Marketing Assistant here at Shu Da. Jess gives us an insight into what a typical day is like in her marketing role.


How did your journey start working at Shu Da?

The subject I enjoyed most in college was Media Studies because I loved how creative it was! I went on to study Media Production at University and the marketing module really interested me. I then went on to work for a few small businesses during the summer months after University. Working on these marketing events and managing social media channels really confirmed to me that this was the direction I wanted to take my career in.

What does a day at Shu Da look like for you?

My role as a Marketing Assistant is so varied, no day is ever the same! Day-to-day I get involved in content creation for our website and social channels, as well as writing our Shu Da weekly blog posts to keep our Shu Da customers up to date. I love researching new relevant topics that I think our customers will enjoy reading. There is a lot that comes into the role which is what I like so much about it – it keeps it fun and exciting!

How would you describe Shu Da as a brand, in three words?

I would describe Shu Da as Innovative; Shu Da strives to think outside the box in developing new sustainable technologies to create the very best sustainable footwear for our customers.

I would also describe Shu Da as Aspirational! Over the years we have become an ethical lifestyle brand that fits with customer’s environmentally friendly lifestyle. We love to work with like-minded individuals who share the same sustainable principles and are always looking to connect with this community online!

It goes without saying that Shu Da is a brand centred around Comfort, it is all in the name – Shu Da means “to achieve comfort.” Each slipper and trainer is made with the customer’s comfort in mind to allow everyone to enjoy well fitted footwear!

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability to me means being aware of the little ways I can make a difference. I tend to gravitate towards slow fashion brands and look out for eco-friendly products. I like to support independent small businesses and opt for clothing that is made to last. I purchase staple pieces that I can get lots of use out of and am quite partial to swapping / buying pre-loved clothing - all of these alternatives can make a big difference if we all get involved and do our bit!


What is the best part about your job?

I love interacting with customers and hearing their feedback! It is great to see people enjoying wearing their Shu Da slippers and posting about our brand on social media.

I enjoy the variety of tasks I get involved in day-to-day and creating content, I thrive in the creative element of it all!


What have you learnt whilst working at Shu Da?

I have learnt how footwear can be sustainable in terms of different materials used, I have also discovered the variety of sustainable processes used in footwear construction.

I have also gained an insight into how recycled plastics can be reworked into textile uppers and recycled rubber can create durable soles in Shu Da footwear. I now find myself looking into the details of the materials used in the items I buy, I find I am more likely to buy a product that uses recycled materials.


What is your favourite Shu Da product and why?

It has to be the Katie Slider in Mink.  The neutral colour is so flattering and goes with all of my outfits!



What exciting things are in store for the future of Shu Da?

There is lots of newness to look forward to in Autumn/Winter 2022 with more sustainable materials being introduced in our footwear. There are some stand out pieces being added to the collection as well; adding a spin on some of our classic favourites! We are also introducing more of an expanded footwear range on the sports side so keep your eyes peeled for that!


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