National Pet Day: Meet the Shu Da team’s pets

National Pet Day: Meet the Shu Da team’s pets

To celebrate National 'Love Your Pet' Day this weekend, we are introducing you to the adorable pets owned by the Shu Da team. From cuddly puppies to leopard geckos, we thought our beloved companions were too cute not to share! After all, who can resist an adorable pet photo?



Golden retriever, 11 months old.
Benji is incredibly loving and he’s certainly not camera shy!
He is quite partial to a slipper or two!
Owned by Lisa (Senior Accounts Administrator)





Guinea pig, 1 year old.

Loves running around and rubbing noses with Benji (it’s true!)

Owned by Lisa (Senior Accounts Administrator)







Persian cat, 13 years old.

He’s a really sweet boy always looking for cuddles and love.

When Francesca packs her bag to leave the house, he sulks in protest and can later be found sprawled across her bags and clothes!

Owned by Francesca (Trainee Account Manager)





Carin terrier, 8 years old.

Loves his lunch time walks with Claire who works in the warehouse!

Owned by Alison (Warehouse Manager)






Leopard gecko, 4 years old.

Often found sleeping in his ‘superman pose.’

Owned by Claire (Warehouse Operations)  





Syrian hamster, 2 years old.

Loves a monkey nut and a good climb!

Owned by Lisa (Senior Accounts Administrator)





Labrador, 3 years old.

Her mum, Flo, featured in Shu Da’s first ever photoshoot.

Maud loves to hide her human Mum’s Shu Das for  ‘entertainment purposes’. Hours of fun for all the family!

                                         Owned by Sarah-Jane (Senior Designer)




Ex-race horse, 29 years old.

He is a gentle giant with the most loving personality and he is very tolerant with children.

He pretty much thinks he’s a dog and will lick you when you groom him!

Owned by Treena for 17 years  (Senior Sales  Support and Administration)





Syrian hamster, 9 months old.

Vudge is Vudge, sweet and very tame. 

Treena’s son didn’t pronounce his F’s when he was young and said ‘V’ instead - so he thought it funny to call him ‘Vudge’ instead of ‘Fudge!’

 Owned by Treena (Senior Sales and Support   Administration)





Olivia was often found in yoga poses having a good stretch!

She would sit with the Merino tops ‘helping’ Jenny weave.

She is no longer with us sadly but was 12 when she passed in 2021.

                                      RIP Olivia who was owned by Jenny (Account Manager and Designer)





Maltipoo, 9 months old.

Loves cuddles and belly rubs.

A puppuccino from Starbucks is his favourite, he has acquired quite the taste for these tasty  treats and has recently been spotted trying to  drink the family’s coffees in the mornings!

                                              Owned by Polly (Brand Coordinator)




Syrian hamster, 1 year old.

She is very energetic and never stays still, but she is incredibly cute and soft!

Often spotted perched in a meerkat pose when she sees her favourite banana treats incoming!

Owned by Jess (Marketing Assistant)






Labradoodle, 13 years old

Getting to the ripe old age of 13 Daisy definitely rules the roost in her house and is   thoroughly spoilt!

Her favourite pass times are hiding socks and  jumping in muddy puddles!

                                                Owned by Kelly (Marketing Manager)           




Bella & Teddy


2 years old and 7 months old

Bella (pictured on the left) can regularly be seen in the background of video calls, sleeping on top of her cat tree.

Teddy (pictured on the right) moved in with Bella not too long ago, he is soft, fluffy and loves to be the centre of attention!

Owned by Helena (Commercial Manager)




Working Cocker Spaniel, 3 years old.

Oreo is a needy spaniel who craves love and attention. 

She often clambers up onto Treena’s lap whilst she is working and cradles herself around her shoulders in a scarf-like manor, trying to get as close to her face as possible!

She also gives the most amazing cuddles and puts her arms around you, holding your face with her paws. Adorable!

                                               Owned by Treena (Senior Sales Support and Administration)


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