Shu Da's Tips For Having Fun In Lockdown

Shu Da's Tips For Having Fun In Lockdown

So, we are now day… 23? 24? (it’s hard to really know anymore) of lockdown and the novelty is certainly wearing off. Whether you’re quarantining alone or with a partner or your family, not being able to go out to socialise really takes it’s toll.

To help make us all feel better, we’ve collated some ideas to keep you entertained from the comfort of your sofa in your Shu Das this Easter weekend.

  1. Connect with friends virtually

I’m sure you are already well versed in video apps such as Zoom and Skype through work. So why not use them for fun too? Gather your friends (figuratively) and have a joint video call. To jazz things up, you could do a pub quiz or a virtual dinner party. Tip- for bonus fun, add wine.

  1. Netflix & Chill

Seize this opportunity to actually watch some TV. We are often so busy in our usual lives that we barely find time to watch much TV, so welcome this opportunity with open arms and settle down on the sofa. Some of our Netflix faves- The Stranger, Tiger King and Love Is Blind.

  1. Plan Your Next Trip

Although it may seem like it now, this won’t last forever and we will one day be free to travel the world again. Use this time as the perfect opportunity to plan your ideal trip- with all this free time you can really go into depth reading hotel and destination reviews, enabling you to plan your best trip so far.

  1. Learn a Language

Always wanted to learn Spanish? Now’s your chance. Put all this free time to good use and download some language learning apps- DuoLingo is our favourite and very easy to use. To help improve your language learning, add subtitles of the language you’re learning to Netflix. Now you can kill two birds with one stone!

We hope you have enjoyed reading these tips and are thriving during your lockdown experience. Remember, Shu Da are donating 10% of all profits during this time to the NHS Covid-19 charity, so any purchases you make will be benefitting a fantastic cause.

Stay safe.


Shu Da

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