Shu Da Launch its First Sustainable Trainer!

Shu Da Launch its First Sustainable Trainer!

Shu Da are excited to launch its first outdoor footwear collection; the Jessica and Olivia Flyknit Trainer. The product is available in three colours and two different styles; a lace-up and slip-on design.

Super comfortable and lightweight, the shoe is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and the considered design features a sophisticated blend of style and comfort.

Responsible sourcing and sustainability being at the core of Shu Da’s products, the flyknit upper is knitted using recycled polyester made from discarded plastic bottles. The shoe’s moulded sock is made from 100% recycled EVA, and the soles are also partially recycled. Coupled with sustainable packaging and economical shipping methods, Shu Da continually work to make each of their collections even more sustainable than the last. Please check the website for more details.

Available now on the Shu Da website!

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