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EVA Soles - What does EVA mean in footwear?

When looking for trainers you may have seen the term EVA pop up time and time again. EVA is a pretty important material in footwear, which is why we at SHU DA use it in all our trainers! If you’re wondering what EVA is, and why it is so important when it comes to footwear, the Shu Da team are here to explain the core advantages of EVA and how it is used in footwear to make your shoes super comfy!

What is EVA?

EVA stands for ethyl vinyl acetate and is a foam material, very similar to rubber. It is naturally stretchy and has rubber-like qualities such as softness and flexibility.  EVA is used in lots of different products from food packaging and cable insulation to yoga mats and footwear!

In shoes, EVA is used as a cushioning material and is typically used in the midsole of the shoe as EVA is a great shock absorbent; softening the impact on your feet when you run. EVA foam is also incredibly durable and can withstand extreme temperatures.

What makes EVA great?

  • EVA is incredibly light, making the shoe feel light on your foot, which is a great benefit when you are using the shoes for running and sports!
  • EVA is softer than rubber, making them more flexible and comfortable on your feet.
  • EVA has shock absorption technology; most running shoes use EVA for this reason.

Shu Da women's black trainers


SHU DA's goal is to create footwear that makes our customers feel like they are walking on clouds! Which is why we use EVA in all our women's trainers. The EVA midsole makes the trainers feel lightweight on the foot and the cushioning sole makes these trainers perfect for gym and all day wear. Shop the full range here.




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